Lighting Designer in focus: Rama Mendelsohn

Israel – LED Linear™ talked with lighting designer Rama Mendelsohn from Israel. She worked with LED Linear™ products on the Arsuf Panoramicproject and the 10 Herbert Samuel project and talks about her experience. Furthermore she gives insights in her view on light, luminaires and lighting design.

LED Linear: Could you give us a short introduction to your person?

Rama Mendelsohn: I received a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the College of Management in Israel, before obtaining my Master’s in Fine Arts from The New York School of Interior Design in NYC. My studies and travel have both had great influence on my point of view and approach to design. In particular, the experiences I have had through exposure to different cultures and ethnicities, both in New York and Israel have helped me develop my unique perspective and strong sense of design.

LED Linear: You worked with our luminaires in the Arsuf Panoramic project. What were the lighting design challenges you encountered when working on the project?

Rama Mendelsohn: The goal was to achieve a calming effect through the lighting design. This was a challenge due to the encapsulation of the LED lights, which typically increases the color temperature, making it a more harsh light. At the same time, the C5M requirements (high salinity in the air, humidity, weather corrosion, UV exposure, etc.) needed to be taken into consideration, due to the project’s proximity to the sea.

LED Linear: Which LED Linear product did you choose for this project, and why?

Rama Mendelsohn: I chose the LED Linear VENUS fixture because its flexibility. It fit well from a design perspective with the arched shape of the building. In addition, the Venus fulfills the C5M requirements and meets all the LED standards necessary for use in extreme weather environments.

LED Linear: What feedback did you receive from your client?

Rama Mendelsohn: The best compliment one can receive as a designer is to be invited to work on additional projects. Since the completion of the Arsuf Panoramic, I’ve worked with this client on two additional ventures, with others in the works. I guess they were happy with the results.

LED Linear: What do you like about the company LED Linear?

Rama Mendelsohn: The quality of LED Linear products is always top notch. The technical aspects of their products are always a priority throughout the development process, and the end-user experience is of the utmost importance. In addition, their products are both easy to install and maintain.

LED Linear: Which luminaire of the LED Linear product lines do you like most?

Rama Mendelsohn: I really like the NIKE fixture, due to its thin and sleek design, and because it doesn’t project the glare that is typical of LED lights. I also favor the XOOMINAIRE 4262, because of the amount of light you are able to achieve from such a small fixture.

LED Linear: What fascinates you about light?

Rama Mendelsohn: The lighting, be it in a restaurant, a landscape, or the inside of an office, can change the entire look and feel of the location. Lighting often helps breathe life into a project that can’t be obtained otherwise. I’m completely intrigued by the concept that I can take the same project and light it in two different ways, thereby creating completely different experiences.

LED Linear: What makes a great luminaire?

Rama Mendelsohn: For me, the best lighting fixtures are those that can be utilized in a variety of ways and in range of applications, each time achieving a different result. In particular, I look for fixtures with small dimensions, high output, and which produce minimal glare

LED Linear: Do you have a lighting philosophy?

Rama Mendelsohn: The lighting needs to complement the architecture and design of the project. When approaching each project, I take into careful consideration the overall look and feel and allow the lighting to follow.

LED Linear: What excites you about LEDs?

Rama Mendelsohn: LED technology has enabled the fixtures to decrease in size, thereby making a larger number of fixtures more adaptable for a variety of projects.

LED Linear: Where do you see lighting design heading?

Rama Mendelsohn: LED is changing the face of lighting design. Halogen lighting has often been the first choice for designers because of the color spectrum halogens provide. However, as the LED technology continues to improve, I believe LEDs will become more and more prevalent in the industry.

LED Linear: Thank you for this great interview Rama!

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